John King

I remember John as the very gentlest of gentlemen, such an interesting man to speak to and forever calm even though he was often surrounded by a great number of stressed teachers and students.  John was a fount of knowledge and he was always willing to offer advice and good counsel.  John didn’t mind if you just wanted to pop into his office to have a quick chat to remove yourself from the pressures of the day – he always greeted you with a warm and cheeky smile.  John was modest, he had no airs and graces, he made you feel as though your question or problem was important and he gave you his undivided attention.  I presented John with a large number of difficult situations and he worked through them all in the most caring and professional manner. Sometimes we were faced with “uncharted territory” but he was determined to support the most vulnerable young people so that their needs were fully met and that they could have the best educational chances.  I can’t begin to imagine how many countless students and teachers he supported in his long career – each school was so lucky to have John King on their staff.  I am full of sympathy for John’s family, who meant the world to him, and I hope they find comfort in all the wonderful things that are being written about him.  John was a very rare man.

Michele Ungaro

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