Alan 'Big Al' Hoare

Mr H , what can I say . I have worked with you on and off pretty much from when I first started as a boy with LCB . You were the first person once I was here to give me an opportunity and took me under your large wings to teach me the way of the world. You supported me from the outset in work and at home with numerous things I had going on at the time and some of the advice you offered I still use to this day . Your go to name for me when I first joined transport was LC , which stood for ‘Little ****’ and I came to be known as this for many years to follow. I still remember now being a young man and being petrified of your wife , as many a time you told me that I was your scape goat for stopping off at the pub on the way home , but you told Deb it was cos ‘LC’ from the office messed up again so you had to work late. ‘Debs coming down you used to say, if I was you I would hide downstairs ‘

The days in the silvertown office were always full of fun and laughter ( outside of the stress off the job) and your one liners were relentless , many of which went right over my head but still the atmosphere you created was what made the job and the place so enjoyable to be in. I can see it now , you and Gary Robinson shouting on a Friday ‘LC Its cracker jack Friday ’ , then hum/sing if you can call it that some strange theme tune .

You offered guidance when I had my first daughter was born and told me not to panic, do the best that you can do and that will be enough, oh and make sure you you save plenty of money cos they cost a fortune ,and I remember to this day how behind the persona of ‘Big Al’ you absolutely loved your family Deb and James. You always spoke so proudly of your Son and how well he has done .

You were as everyone says a gentle giant , who was kind , generous and very very funny !

Thank you for everything Mr H , you will be missed

Michael Stone

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