Dens Milne

I began working on Physics World in 2007 and Dens and I were often “early birds” into the office. Before starting work, we would often have a quick chat about the previous night’s TV/latest football results/newspaper front pages. The chat inevitably finished with a joke or laughter and it was always a nice way to start the working day.

Dens was incredibly passionate about the success of Physics World and upholding its high editorial standards. When we worked together on Physics World, if Dens had a query about something I wrote or edited, I knew it was going to be difficult to answer, such was Dens’ attention to detail and meticulousness that made the magazine/website what it is today.  

Dens had an amazing ability to approach tricky issues (of which you get many in journalism!) in a rational way, looking at the problem from different angles and would always come up with a way forward.  

I will always remember Dens’ warmth and humour. Whenever there was a joke in the office (more often than not on Friday afternoon), Dens would be front and centre with her cheeky smile and infectious laugh.

Dens will be deeply missed.


Michael Banks

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