sophia dos

I had the privilege of being roommates with Sophia in Year 7, aswell as being very close friends with her in the early years of my QAS journey. As you can imagine a bunch of eleven-year-olds who got put to bed at 9 p.m. with no phones, Sophia, Bella and I had a blast in those four walls. We did face masks reguraly, we did our own twist on chapel services, told horror stories and had crazy conversations. We would sneak around during lights out and “dorm-hop” hoping we wouldn’t be caught. From my memory, Sophia was always catious and never did have Mrs White telling her off in her night-gown.

Sophia’s side of the room was always so clean and tidy, I never understood how she always left it in a pristine state whilst Bella and I’s sides were abysmal. I always admired how she never gave in to our laziness and messiness and that she always tried to make us be tidy and kindly helped us on occasion. 

I always admired Sophia’s regal wisdom. This was very evident in English, when Mrs Bradley would pose a question about a quote or what-not, to which no one could anwser, so she would desperately ask Sophia and she always knew. Mrs Bradley regularly put Sophia’s essays as model essays and they were always wonderful, and a personal favourite of mine to read and aspire to.

What is more, her humour was unworldly. At first appearence you would think that Sophia was a quiet girl, but when you got to know her, she would say the most savagely hilarious things. I have to thank Sophia for her memory trick of “suspension” in Geography. We were revising for an upcoming geography test, and she said that I should remember it (suspension) by someone doing such a smelly fart that it made the room so foggy, which resulted in you getting suspended. Sophia was 11 when she came up with this. I still giggle at 16 thinking about it.

I feel so blessed that I had gotten to know her and got to share the excitement of a new school and boarding together. She was intelligent, beautiful, kind, selfless, hilarious, and caring. Everyone will dearly miss sophia; you could only love her persona and her wit.

Melissa Zarbafi

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