Dr Roderick Guy Jackson



Dear Guy,

I found you kind, gentle, sensitive, charming, bright, funny and a sense of fun, quirky, interested and interesting.  Although you were a statuesque big cuddly teddy bear I felt you were vulnerable too.  A lost soul in some respects.   


I was very fond of you and found you easy and effortless to get along with.   

I enjoyed your company and our chats and was looking forward to more in the future and you had a beautiful speaking voice.  It was fascinating hearing you talk about medicine and journals and to learn about some of your quirky unique interests too that you spoke about so passionately – Terry Pratchett etc!   


I always valued the fact that we were seated next to each other at Christmas lunch along with Mum too.   


I think we had a sweet bond and understood and were drawn to each other on many levels being slightly unique and quirky one off individuals ourselves!   


Plus also the fact that we recognised that sometimes we are both stuck where we’re at in life because of our various issues, demons I think we could relate on that level.   

I know we’d looked forward to meeting up once lockdown was lifted getting to know each other more, catchup up and helping each other with various things and moving forward.   

I know we’d discussed about meeting for a walk by the river and going for dinner after lockdown lifted.  I don’t know whether that would have been in Folkestone or London.


I was touched too that you had enjoyed my music and piano playing and had said once we were allowed to meet in person that you’d like to sit with me in person whilst I played for you.  It was a shame we didn’t get to do this.


I sadly didn’t know how very poorly you were again and was completely blindsided when I only found out on the night that you were slipping away and didn’t get the chance to say goodbye or give you a big cuddly bear hug.   


But in Mum’s recent Thanksgiving service that I know you’d dearly wanted to attend when I performed my song for her I also performed for you too.   


It was a privilege getting to know you Guy. I will especially miss you around the Xmas table this year swapping anecdotes and stories with you with you warm and gentle smile.   You often sweetly gave me a box of the Charbonnel et Walker chocolates at Christmas.


It’s with a heavy heart that I wish you well on the next part of your journey.  It is my wish that you are now at peace and hopefully Mum is looking out for you too.   


Much love and sparkles and a big virtual cuddly bear hug.   


Your friend   


(Dawson-Bowling). Xx   




Melissa Dawson-Bowling

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