Ken Teal

It’s funny how your memory condenses life into a series of snapshots

– Dad risking his life to recover my ball from the sea off Hayling Island

– Riding on Dad’s shoulders and feeling on top of the world.

– Jumping up and down on his (generous!) stomach!

And later, Dad’s succession of cunning money making schemes:

Follow the Faulklands Fleet, Water softeners, Zike bikes (still got one of those somewhere!)

His enthusiasm was undimmable.

The hours he would spend putting his cunning plans together, first in the caravan in the garden at Hayling island and then in the stables at Allington.  Always 3 steps ahead of everyone else and always thinking big.

And in his role as a father:

I can still remember the absolute terror learning to drive with him.  He took no prisoners, making me drive up Butser hill in Mum’s Capri to practice clutch control!

Dad standing on the corner of the road under the streetlight as I returned from a night out. A severe “goodnight young man” would always bring the evening to a speedy close.

His stock phrases have now become mine:

– Command the road!

– It’s not who’s right it’s who’s left that matters!

– You want your brains washing out in a bucket

I will forever miss the affectionate squeeze of my knee, and the “eeny meeny” nickname.

I was so proud of Dad when he finally finished a building project and completed the conversion of the garage (he relished telling people he lived in my garage). 

His virtual lintel and floating floor will be the stuff of family legend for generations to come.

It’s been so hard to watch my big strong Daddy fight Parkinson’s over the past 10 years. But he never gave up, he was always researching the next drug or treatment, always striving to understand the disease and not to let it define him. An inspiration to us all.

Thank you Dad for your support, wisdom, loyalty and humour.

Your intellect and compassion changed lives.

You are and will be so greatly missed.

Eeny meeny





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