Henry Aylett


As a family we’ve known Mr Aylett since my eldest (Aidan) started primary school in 2015. He was always a positive, engaging person whenever we met him at school events and so we were all delighted when he became Aidan’s Y6 teacher for 2021/2022. We hugely appreciated his kindness, warmth and genuine interest in each of the children, who were all proud to be in his 6A class.

The fact that every child in 6A felt like they had a special bond with Mr Aylett is testament to his special ability as a teacher to let each child flourish and be who they want to be.  This interest in each child continued even after they left Marshgate. Mr Aylett stopped me a couple of times while I was dropping off my younger kids to see how Aidan was getting on at secondary school (which he started a few weeks ago) and Aidan had made plans to pop in to say hello to him during half term. He seemed to know how to help children make the tricky transition to secondary school, and get them ready to be a bit more independent.

The children in 6A loved their school trip to Devon with Mr Aylett and Mr Mollett, where they shared lots of adventures. The school disco, surprise trip to Pizza Express and end of year play were also huge highlights for them and Aidan has lots of really happy memories of these.

Some of the key messages Mr Aylett shared with the Y6 class will stay with Aidan for life. “Be who you want to be”, “don’t be afraid to be different”, and “feel the fear, and do it anyway!” which he regularly told the children. Aidan often talks about how funny Mr Aylett was too. From explaining angles in maths by doing a handstand against the whiteboard, to showing the kids how to slow dance at the disco by demonstrating a dance with Mr Mollett (which had the kids in stitches though I don’t think it was copied by any of them!). My youngest two will miss him too.  Rory (Y5) loved the assembly he gave just last week about always doing your best, and came home telling he he’d learned from Mr Aylett it’s not important what car you drive but who you are!

Mr Aylett really was a special teacher, and a genuinely lovely man.

We will always remember him very fondly, and he has left a huge hole in the school as he was known and loved by so many of the children, parents and staff.  We are so sad he’s gone, but he will certainly live on in our memories.

Rebecca, Stephen, Aidan, Rory & Imogen Mathews x


Mathews Family

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