Richard Maloney

Richard and I used to joke about who was going to be good cop or bad cop before starting any contract negotiations, but in reality, Richard was always the good cop as the combination of his pragmatic approach, his quiet steeliness and his fun sense of humour helped win so many clients over.   

What really set Richard apart however, was his generosity of spirit and the care he showed to those around him; he always had time for a chat and banter; he was a good friend as well as an exceptional colleague. I count myself lucky to have known and been guided by him both professionally and personally during the past 5 years. 

Richard spoke often of his family and how proud he was of Glenis’ career as well as all his childrens’ academic and sporting achievements. I am not sure who was more nervous on the drive up to Bristol to get Will’s GCSE results, but he was bursting with pride when I asked how it had gone later that day. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this incredibly sad time.

Rest in peace Richard.


Martine Hamilton

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