Rod Newman

I was on MASUAS from January 1985 until July 1986. Although Rod wasn’t my instructor I did fly with him a few times and benefitted from his vast knowledge and experience. Rod was always on hand to answer questions and offer advice in his calm and thoughtful manner. I had absolutely no intention of joining the RAF but my time at Woodvale was very influential and the conversations with Rod and the other instructors plus the whole UAS experience persuaded me to join up after all. 

Skiing in Austria was a fantastic experience and I don’t know how many of these expeditions Rod organised but he obviously had it off to a tee! Such a great time but the freezing caravans in Austria were definately an aquired taste. I found this photo of Rod on the slopes…..



The best part of my time on MASUAS was experiencing the camaraderie with instructors and fellow students. This photo just sums it all up – it is our last day on MASUAS and we want a photo to remember it. An essential participant is Rod and the arm around his shoulder just sums up how he was regarded by us all.

Thanks Rod – you were an absolute gentleman whom we all held in the highest regard and you were a huge influence on so many of us.





Mark White

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