Jéan Paul Meiring (JP)

Natasha, ela, Luke, we are so sad and sorry for the loss of JP.

Ela and Luke your dad is an amazing person- a legend- he is one of Marks best freinds and colleuages. Part of his TMC legacy will always be with The Moving Company. His signature is still on the job accetpance documents and JP wished ofr it to stay that way. He was an invaluable asset to the company and his skills and expertise helped  shape it to what it is today, and for the future.

We feel so luck and blessed to have hada JP in our lives for the time that we did. We think about him every day and its his laugh we rememebr fondly, it makes us smile. JP was such a decent person, freindly, kind and just all rund good bugga is your dad.


So many stories but his favourite ones are about you Natasha, he was so pround of you and your success. Ela. Luke JP never stopped talking about you. At work he would be swapping stories with othes about you both- he was so so proud

JP maximised his 47 years and seemed always happy especailly about his family

RIP JP you will be sorely missed our freind- until we see you again

Love Mark, Nicky, Courtney and Britney x


Mark Nicky Courtney Britney Pitcher

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