Ian Thomas

It was several years into both of our careers with BAE that Ian and I first crossed paths, but since that point Ian has been an established part of our business, just quietly and consistently doing a great job. And that’s my memory of Ian as a part of our team; quiet but consistently reliable. Ian just got stuff done – I never heard a complaint or a moan, unless it was delivered tongue in cheek and with his characteristic dry wit, and always with a smile on his face. Ian dealt with some tough deliveries over the years, but always managed it, and was a great source of support to the teams he worked with through that time. He worked in some large teams over the years and would have seen plenty of people come and go, but knowing that Ian was in the background with a steady hand on the tiller would always give me confidence. I’d seen a bit less of Ian recently as the pandemic caused its trouble and the ad-hoc conversations we’d have when we bumped into each other in an office just didn’t happen, but business would still bring us together regularly and I’d be reminded that he was continuing to do his role of keeping things going, navigating the huge levels of change, making a real difference to our customers and the critical things they need to achieve and, most importantly, supporting those colleagues around him. To lose Ian far too early in this way is hugely sad and I know will leave a big gap for many people in our company, as a colleague and as a friend.

Mark Halsall

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