Richard Maloney

In fondest memory of Richard our much loved friend and colleague. 

It’s truly rare that the shock of a person’s passing and the genuine affection in which they are held by all is so profound but this is so true of Richard.  He was one of those extraordinary people that would make the office light up when he walked in.  With his booming voice, misleadingly military and serious demeanour which actually masked an angel within, his irresistable humour and genuine compassion and kindness and warmth, we always knew when it was one of those happy days when Richard was in town.  

Richard was the consummate legal professional and lived the mantra quoted in the introduction, he was client centric and commercial and tough when ne needed to be but always warm and charming and incredibly, scrupulously calm and civil – and civilised – in all he did which was a breath of fresh air in our intense and sometimes difficlut corporate world.  The suppprt model worked wonderfully well for us and his dedication to us as well as his other clients was outstanding and he sacrificed many hours out of hours and even on holiday in the cause and the hole in our commercial and corporate community is immense but is as nothing to what he brought as a colleague and friend and of course to his dear family.

On so many occasions despite his business he took the time to send supportive messages when we experienced sad moments and always cared deeply and genuinely about everyone he knew.  That wry sometimes cheeky grin with his famous glint in the eye will be with us all always, the sardonic but oh so apt comments (‘don’t tell anyone I said this but…’) were a joy and could make us roar with laughter and bring a big golden ray of sunshine into our daily lives. 

His sudden passing is a deep shock and sadness to us his colleagues and I would like to say his friends as he would I think be kind and generous enough to bestow that honour and privilege on us but of course is as nothing compared to what Richard’s family must be feeling.  I can only imagine the scale of the loss of such a person to a wonderful family but believe that you as a family will have many times over the glorious memories and experiences that we have and I just know that being his family and chips of the same wonderful block that you will somehow find the strength when you need it because you are made in the same magnificent mould as him. Truly my deepest sympathy and all my wishes and thoughts are with you in your saddest possible loss.




Mark Anderson

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