Gerard John Croft (Gerry)


What can I say about your grandfather, a much loved  friend and adopted godfather to my daughter Katy. We have great and fun filled memories of Gerry. He always had a smile and a fun side, able to tell a joke and pull one’s leg, something he and Grandad Waldron also had in common.


He met your Nan, Sue for the first time on a night out to a night club in Cheltenham when we were in our teens. I, Maggie was out with our Nan, Sue and our friend Debby. Gerry was at that time serving in Germany in the Gloucester regiment. He even then had that charming witty personality back then and asked Nan, Sue to dance and we spent the evening on the dance floor with him and his mate and our friend Debby. He borrowed the taxi fare home and we told Nan she would not see him again. How wrong could we have been. They started a relationship but several things meant they then spilt up but got back together again a couple of years later, meeting on a night out at the wrestling with our other grandmother Croft. The rest so to speak was history and they fell in love and later got engaged and married. Your Mum Charlotte can fill in the missing details along with Nan/Sue when you are older.

Gerry was really was an out and out family man and supported and loved you all no matter what, even when the going got tough! Even when the chips were down and facing the toughest of trials and tribulations in his life , more than most ever had to endure. He always managed to bounce back and hold onto the love and care he had for his family. Unfortunately his final hurdle so to speak was one he this time wasn’t able to bounce back from. I am gutted I could not be there to say my goodbye in person. We watched the moving celebration of his life on the video link and it was indeed a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, husband, dad, grandad, father in law, brother, brother in law, uncle, friend, colleague and godfather. ( I think I have covered all!) All of these roles Gerry  took on with the same loving and caring approach to all.

He showed that love and caring to our family too and even though we only saw each other for short times over the years that was always there and we have great memories of Gerry, your Grandad. I know he will be missed and continued to be loved by all the family and live on in our memories and hearts. He will definitely be in ours. 

Rest in peace Gerry and live on with all the memories your wonderful parents, Nan and family in-still in you of this wonderful man, Gerard John Croft (Gerry), your amazing Grandad who will and would have loved you with all his heart.



Maggie Bain

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