Laiba Amjad

How Laiba helped me learn what living this life in the true sense means is something that will always remain with me throughout my existence as a beautiful gift of friendship that she bestowed upon not only myself but all of her close friends. Her strong character equipped with mental and emotional resilience made her someone whose determination to fulfill personal and professional goals sky-rocketed at most times as what could have been judged through her self-confidence and cheerful optimism. Described as a person who had a positive effect on her counterparts, as well as anyone or everyone who got to socialize with her since she was such a lively person that positively boosting up the mood of a social group instantly, was how she used to leave her mark on people through the depth of connecting, conversing, and communicating deeply in regards to her intellectual capability.

Her evergreen love and understanding of music, theatre, poetry, and art were what beautifully articulated the depth of her personality as well as the creative side of her mind and heart. Moreover, she was an avid book lover as she loved to follow a path of learning for the good of herself and this global world as a whole. Her habit of reading and learning helped her develop a passion for writing with a cause and debating confidently for a change. Whatever she dreamt and put her mind into completely seemed too easy to achieve or succeed at for her since that was the level of commitment and desire how she used to go forward and operate to fulfill her aims and ambitions.

What she used to carry as her worth was filled with such unique and virtuous qualities that all of her close connections were glued to her in undeniable ways for her honesty, empathy, dignity, diversity, and sincerity were too deeply indulged for the good of whoever that came in the path of a life lived too genuinely by a beautiful person, inside and out, and who am I proud to call as my best friend for life.

We, her family, friends, and loved ones would always remember her as someone who lived so truly, loved too deeply, and felt way too purely. She would live through the hearts of all the ones who she ended up feeling special in her own special ways and now what we always hope and pray for is that her soul is at complete rest as for someone who was too purely decorated with such sincere righteousness deserves to be remembered in the goodness of thoughts and blessings of prayers. 


Maaze Tariq

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