Ron Reynolds


What can I say?

It still feels odd that Ron isn’t with us in body anymore.

I am planning on opening up our Tipi space soon and I would always, at this time of year, be planning with Ron, dates for his wonderful drum birthing workshops in our gardens.

Ron came many times and helped our tribe members to create and birth their own drums. We always had such wonderful days with Ron, we laughed, we connected, we grew, we learned. My favourite was the time were one lady just couldn’t seem to master the pulling and threading of the hide strings, and Ron too was baffled. But we laughed and Ron’s patience was just beautiful. It all worked out in the end!!!

I have 2 awesome drums birthed with Ron, Ron and I would laugh at my first one, we named it Wally. It was black and white full hair on goat skin..and Wally was obviously a stubborn goat, and didn’t want to play….unless I sprayed water on him and rubbed it with oil.

We used to say Wally liked to be massaged and given a drink before he would play…

I miss you Ron.

There is a hole in our community now, one that was previously filled with the gentleness, Joy and teachings of our beautiful Ron.

But now, I just like to heal my sadness with thoughts of him drumming up there, surrounded by his ancestors, with his warm cheeky smile.

Time is of no essence in Spirit world and I know I  will see you again Ron, and we can drum together in the clouds 💙 




Lynsey Tidbury Earth Spirit Tipi

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