I don’t know where to start Jordan but you are missed so much. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we seen you last. You were funny, caring, loving and always up for a laugh! I have so many memories with you from nights out, concerts, festivals, Alton towers, Dublin and Ibiza! Radio 1 night in Ibiza still makes us all laugh so much!

You loved a dance and a drink with the girls and every night/day out we had was always hilarious! I love looking back at photos and videos that we’ve got from over the years as they always make me smile. I’m so glad to have so many memories with you and would do anything to make more memories with you. If I had to write all my memories down, I would be here forever!

Thanks to Emily’s wedding favour which is a coaster with a picture of me, you and her on there, I get to see your face everyday as that is on my bedside table!

You were and always will be the strongest person I know. You took it all in your stride, allowed yourself the sad days but always tried to have such a positive attitude even when going through treatment. When you were in hospital you would send me photos and tell me funny stories, always trying to find laughter in an awful place. It shows exactly what kind of person you were! Such a strong girl with a big heart.

You will always be missed Jord and there will never be a night out or event that the girls don’t raise a glass for you and even if you aren’t physically in the room dancing with us, we know you are watching us and laughing! Love you xxxx



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