Nathan Davies

Amidst blooming gardens, Nathan found delight,

Walking hand in hand with Kathy, day and night.

Their love, a testament to a life well shared,

In every step they took, a bond unimpaired.


With soil on his hands, he tended to each bloom,

A gardener’s touch, turning gardens to a room.

Long walks they treasured, conversations deep,

Creating memories, forever to keep.


At the pub, a weekly ritual they’d embrace,

With Freddy, Lara and Mollie, a cherished space.

Laughter filled the air, as stories were shared,

In those precious moments, love’s fragrance aired.


Nathan’s presence, gentle, yet always known,

A quiet strength, a guide when shadows were sown.

Though he’s gone, his spirit will forever thrive,

In nature’s embrace, in memories we’ll derive.



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