Mary Illing


Dear Aunty M, I have many fond memories of my childhood with you – learning how to make jewellery threading lots of little glass beads in your crafty corner; marching round the Christmas table in crazy hats at Toll House; racing up and downstairs, playing hide & seek at the house in Hillmorton Road and you making the most wonderful multi-layered celebration cake on Boxing Day to celebrate me finally getting pregnant with Scarlett. It really did bring a tear to my eye and was quite unexpected. What a great baker, maker and mum you were! I’m so glad we got to catch up last October when Jess was over, to hear your news and views and listen to how proud you are of the kids and grandkids and to have a laugh about life. I hope wherever you are, your spirit is shining down from us on high, and smiling at the thought of us all coming together to celebrate a life well lived. You are not forgotten. We carry you in our hearts and memories. Love, Loz, Jim, Scarlett & Ash XXxx

Loz GR

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