Folashade Aduke Telewa

Letter to my mother,


I never thought I’d have to write these words. Somehow I’d figured if there really is a ‘new world’ God would let you walk with own feet into it. Alas all whimsical thoughts! Yet I am not bitter. How can I be when you fought so hard to hide the pain you endured as you lay dying. You didn’t fool me though Mum -I know why you hid that pain. You didn’t want us to feel let down by your maker. You didn’t want us to loose faith in Him or His promise to protect us. Till your end out of your “unprecedented pain” you “praised Jah”. So  I am not bitter. I’ve also learnt another valuable lesson -I cannot make God’s plan or as you would put it ‘time and unforeseen occurrence overtakes us all’. Either way you are no longer here. No more here to guide me. No more hear to listen to my cry for help. No more here to defend and protect me. I will never hear “hello Loyal” that was always the first I heard every morning whether I liked it or not. But you haven’t left me alone. I want you to know your family that is my family have stepped in to close the gapping hole. I have a new mother now! Aunty Funmi has been my rock since you left me.  She won’t ever replace you but she’s been the closest thing to you. She has held me by the hand, guiding and protecting just as you would have done. I will see you again ma! So I can say sorry for all the times I was absent when you needed me. But I thank God for the brother I have in Henry who more than made up for my shortcomings and covered my shame! I promise to protect him and Femi with my life, just as you would expect me to.

Rest now my ‘sweet mother, I no go forget you’. You were the best Mother life could give me. I will never be the same without you. I love you ma! Bye Mum….


Your Loyal love ❤️


Loyal Telewa

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