Amandeep Manget

Dearest Am, 

I really can’t believe that I’m even writing this. 

You were absolutely one in a million – an incredible collague but, more than that, a wonderful friend. I miss you so very much already and I’m so sad to think that I won’t hear your infectious giggle again. 

I have uploaded a picture of us, with the rest of FLT here (sorry to Carrie and Rufus who are cut off, and to Rach who was taking it, but at least we’re in the pic – tee hee) – the last time we saw each other in person last summer.  That day is such a wonderful memory and is exactly how I will always remember you – so full of life, a bit of a party animal, and just so warm, giving and supportive. 

We had some hard times last year and it is no under-statement to say that I genuinely don’t think I (or any of us) could have got through it without you.  Your expert advice, listening ear and thoughtful and caring words meant so much.  i only wish I’d told you more what it meant at the time.  Thank you.

It doesn’t seem real or right without you.  A sparkling light has genuinely gone out.

So much love to you and your whole family – of whom you were so proud.  I’ll never forget you with your nephew in the office back at BCC and the way you laughed together.  They are all in my thoughts every day.

Thank you, Am, for everything.

Lizzie xxx



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