Kully Hunter

It was such a shock to hear the news of Kully’s passing. If you ask me what was she like I would say that she was always such a vibrant person, full of life. I would say that if there was ever an example of someone that really did live life to the full it would without doubt be her. She was always the first person to sign up for anything that looked like it would be fun. The life and soul of any party. Working with Kully was great fun, our office was full of giggles – we once pretended to drink her prosecco that was delivered after she finished for Christmas, we put a picture of us all on facebook – obviously tagging her in it, she took it well – “you bitches” was all she wrote 😊 But she would play the same tricks on others, once pretending to eat the toffee a customer had sent down from Scotland for one of the engineers and then sending him a picture! 

Wayne and Jess were Kully’s world, along with her immediate family, but whenever Kully made a friend, it was a friend for life. She often talked about her close friends and her extended family. You could tell that she loved them all dearly and there was nothing that she wouldn’t do for them. She truly cared about everyone. She bumped into people all the time that thought that they knew her, we were in Northampton once doing a colour run (well, mainly walk lol there was too much alcohol consumed to run!) and someone I knew came up to say hello, then starts randomly talking to Kully like they had known her all their life. When they wandered off I asked how she knew them, she said “I’ve never seen that person before, but it happens all the time, I’ve got one of those faces where people think they know me”. I laughed so much. 

One thing that I always admired about Kully was just her zest for life. She never let anything get her down. Even when things were not always going the way that she maybe would have liked, she just rallied and carried on. There was always something just round the corner to brighten life back up, that was what she always looked forward to and I loved her for that.

I feel so lucky to have called her my friend over the past few years and I have some fabulous memories that I will always hold dear. I will never listen to Dancing Queen again without thinking of Kul.

RIP beautiful lady, gone but never forotten xx

Lisa Linden

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