Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

Dibble, Dibble, Dibble, Dibble Dosh Dosh Dosh! (Why we sang that I don’t know?). Dharampal Stiltskin. Dib Dabb. 

Think I was in your class every year from Nursery! You were literally always smiling and laughing… usually at me. Constantly on a wind up. Mind you I worked out how to get you to stop…set Dimple on you! You and her were hilarious together 😂

Poor teachers though.. I totally blame you for my poor maths skills because you and Fra made the maths teacher have a break down and run out of the class, never to return! But Mrs Sweeney from Southfield, now she was a tough one, but you worked out if you talked to her about the Beatles we could get out of working. Grateful for that one. 

In later years I would go into the garage and moan that you were trying to rip me off to get a discount. I remember once when I came in you had a full beard, of which you proudly told me you were getting married, showing me photos of your wife to be telling me he’d done well there. He had. When Dylan was born, we sat in the grotty TV room to look through loads of photos of him. Proud was an understatement. 

My heart goes out to your family. Way too young. Rest in peace Dhrumpal 



Lisa Filmer

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