Dharam (Dibble) Dabb


Dazza, just can’t believe we’ve lost you so young. The seven years we played in Snooker teams together winning leagues and cups in Luton and Watford were some of the best memories I have in my life. You weren’t just a brilliant player you were a brilliant team mate as well, every night out was a great laugh. I’ll never forget travelling to matches in your Fiesta banging out the music. Also watching Liverpool win in 2005, what a night.I’ll always remember your unique way of greeting me “Yes Chappo!!” that will always make me smile and to know even if we hadn’t seen each other for a while it would always be the same. We’d lost touch a bit after I moved abroad but so glad we had that chicken George together last year. Me, Tez and Bors are all gutted mate and we will never forget you. Thank you again for the many memories. Chappo x

Lee Chapman

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