John George Hunter

My first memory of John was in the smoking area at Winfrith  – Dorset Police Headquarters. He was a new Special Constable and I was his ‘supervisor’. He was asking all the normal questions  – how long had I been in. What made me join etc but then he asked one question that no officer had ever asked….. 

‘Do we get the opportunity to have a cigarette when we are working?’ 

I knew at that point we would get on famously! 

John was one the proudest officers I have ever met  – his uniform was always immaculate. Pressed shirts. Polished boots. No fluff! And perfect creases on his trouses. 

He carried this pride over into his work  – his files were always perfect. His knowledge of the law was flawless. If he didn’t know something, he wasn’t afraid to ask, and he would make a point of remembering it for next time.


John had the perfect ‘police’ sense of humour. Slightly dark but always appropriate and professional. (Until we were out of earshot of anyone else!) 


It was a sad day when I had to accept John’s resignation but I knew it would allow him time to spend with his Susie. 

We are all going to miss John  – he was a good person and a force to be reckoned with. 

Sleep well John

Lawrence Robson

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