Ron Reynolds

I have tried a few times to type something up for you Ron, and I just can’t put in to words what I think or feel about who you where to me or how much you will be missed. We have so many memories, from camps, fire Marshall antics that drove me crackers, walks in the woods, day trips and holidays and staying up way later than we should just chatting away. You where always so supportive and one of the first to say “c’mon girl” when I wobbled. The warmest or hugs and the strongest of hearts. 

I have always loved my drum, we birthed together that damp evening at camp with my stinky skin, but it is now even more special to me and will always be played with you in my heart and my thoughts. 

I am totally gutted you never made it to Greenwood Hearth as you where always so supportive right from when it was just a thought and talking over our dreams and plans. You will be with us in spirit and a tree will grow strong there for you.

A huge hole has been left on this earth, but I know you will be watching over us all. I can’t promise I won’t keep shedding tears, but I will promise to make you proud. You where and will always be my family. We will take good care of your lady.

Love and miss you lots. Till we meet again xxx


Lavender Greenwood

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