when I first met Sophia, we were never really close, something in us just didn’t seem to click. Then one day, somehow, she became the single closest person to my heart, it almost felt like she was a part of my very being with how much I cared for her.

I remember how nearly every day we would go to Holmes and make hot chocolates, how we would sit together and just laugh or exist in silence, and how perfect our time together was.

Some of my favorite memories are of our physics class, where we sat together at the back, passing a sheet of paper around with ridiculous little doodles or sketches, trying our best to stay silent, and failing miserably.

a lifetime would not be long enough to describe the profound impact she made on me, but I will forever try and show the people around me a fraction of the love she showed to me.


I will love her forever and always.


Lavanya Basu

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