Bernie McConnell

I have so many wonderful memories of Bernie! Such as:

The evening before the day I was interviewed for a position with SMRU, Julie and I were enjoying a great evening’s entertainment at the the Crail Folk Club. A bunch of local singers were expertly delivering songs of fisher-folk and daring-do on the high seas. The following day I could have been knocked over by a feather – one of those enthusiastic singers was chairing the interview!

And then there was the time Bernie, Taimur and I were testing the range of our UHF telemetry design. We needed to test the UHF tag as though it were attched to a seal – just at the surface of the sea. Bernie used his boat to take Taimur out from Crail harbour and I sat on the pier-wall with the telemetry receiver and a walky-talky. All was well until I heard a sound of violent retching coming over the walky-talky. Bernie went on to inform me that Taimur was feeling somewhat unwell, and that he (Bernie) would be handling the test tag, and could I instruct him in what he should be doing. The entire time, an hour or so, poor Taimur could be heard suffering, with Bernie offering him advice in that way unique to Bernie.

Bernie was a force of nature; he will certainly live on in my memory for the rest of my time…

Lance Thompson

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