Rev Stephen Gallagher Roux

It is with great sadness, that I have learnt about the passing of my Uncle Steve.

I am the son of Uncle Stev’s elder brother, Gerhard Roux.

In such times of sadness, one remembers the many times that you have had contact with a person.

One of my first memories of Uncle Steve, was when he was still studying in Grahamstown. We visited him with my Father, Mom and two sisters. We listened to one of his first sermons in the church in Grahamstown. I then recall being at his wedding to Aunty Maureen in Bloemfontein. It was terribly hot, that day. I remember visiting the young Roux’s at the mance in Virginia, Free State. Which is 30km away from where I am staying at the moment. I remember visiting for a week in Standerton and playing with my cousins and adopted cousins. I also remember, in 1980, meeting the whole family at the Houtbay Hotel, Houtbay, Cape, for Oupa and Ouma’s 50th wedding anniversary. Uncle Steve had kind words for his Mom and Dad. Then, after my father died of suicide, I remember Uncle Steve’s firm hand shake and words of condolences. I remember visiting Uncle Steve and Aunty Maureen in Margate. Just after the flood that destroyed the study area. I sat next to Uncle Steve at Peter Graham, my cousin’s wedding. My late wife Alta Roux and I visited the Roux’s at Kenton-On-Sea, a few years ago and were spoilt with “melktert” and lunch. That day he told me about an incident in Virginia (old apartheid days) where a security policeman that was placed in the church during a Sunday sermon, told Uncle Steve (I quote) “Reverend Roux, you must look out what you are preaching,or  you will get yourself into terrible trouble”. When I asked Uncle Steve, what his reply was, he smiled broardly and said:  I told the Cop,”You, or the govermnent, can not change the message of love, that we find in the Bible!”

Magic moments!

My sincerest condolences to the whole extended family and all their siblings. 

Uncle Steve, I misss you already. You have deserved eternal rest, in peace, in heaven.


Kobus Roux

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