Henry Aylett

When I think of Henry I have so many fond memories but there are a few that stand out for me the most.

We could talk endlessly about food and the best meals we’d had recently or places we’d enjoyed a meal. If we’d been on holiday the first thing we’d ask each other would be about the food.

I remember asking Henry how parenting was going and laughing about the time when one of the boys had figured out where the baby monitor was. Henry had used the microphone to tell them to go back to sleep and had a very cheerful response of ‘Hi daddy!’ He loved being your dad so much.

When I found out I was pregnant I had the best chats with Henry. He made me feel so at ease about getting through it and becoming a parent. Henry always gave such thoughtful and down to earth advice. Not just about this, he was always so approachable and warm. 

When I visited school with my baby, Henry gave her a cuddle and she fell asleep instantly. She didn’t know him well but she knew he had good vibes.

The same goes for chatting about marriage. Henry used to joke with me that the ultimate husband job was to take the bins out. On days when it’s pouring with rain I always remember laughing with him about this.

When I look through my phone at photos of Henry I remember all the fun times. He was the best dance partner and the life of the party.

Our trip to Belgium is still one of my favourite holiday memories- Henry educating us about different beers and stouts on a tour of the best bars and our all you can eat ribs meal which was interrupted by a Dutch man falling down the stairs!

Finally, being greeted warmly every morning at work by Henry’s smile that would light up a room. A small gesture that would help me start my day full of positivity.

It was truly a privilege to have known Henry, a truly inspirational person who brought the best out of people and leaves a lasting legacy.












Kim Davies

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