Sarah Elizabeth Curr

Sarah and Arthur

Rest in peace my rararaing, mischevious, unforgettable friend.


You were such an integral part of my life- particularly at the most precious moments like being my maid of honour and godmother to my two children. It is difficult to imagine life without you.


I think my friendship with you cemented through our shared love of a similar sense of humour, from when I stayed at your home after a night out. I woke up to you hysterically laughing at the fact that I did a loud fart, that not only woke you up, which is a pretty tall order in itself but also myself.


We then shared a flat together-  a damp, cold flat with no running hot water, but it was cheap, in central Exeter where we could go out with ease. You were not one for buying food then or throughout your life really- you would come home from nights out and usually consume my food. One time you strongly denied eating a lump of my cheese which clearly had teeth marks in it, whilst at the same time naughtily laughing at what you had done.  I miss you sarah, and your mischevious, transparent soul.


You were exceptionally fun loving, passsionate, loved to socialise, and therefore accepted all invitations, and only considering later on how this might or might not be possible to execute. I remember being one of 5 separate friends you were meeting up with on a single night out and how you realised you might have hit your limit and that this might not be possible.


But you did love a challenge and with that would throw yourself into any task fully.


My son loves to play football and Arthur loved playing football with you. You would do so so enthusiastically- narrating what was happening throughout, which gave so much joy to Arthur. Though you would at some point inevitably get injured, you would not give up- ‘I must not stop’– was one of your motto’s. Later, evidencing your injuries to me as a consequence of your drive and energy to continue.


I think if it’s one thing I take from my friendship with you, I think it is your unique force of nature- I think the world would be a better place if we aimed to be more sarah like. I love you xxx


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Kim Baker

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