Devrut Amit Nathwani


on our elective, you made us wake up at 4am after 3 days of heavy trekking to make us get to Maccu piccu for the sunrise, and it was cloudy! You then decided when we got there you wanted us to climb a second mountain so we could get a better view of Maccu Piccu again it was cloudy! You then talked us into taking the “slightly” longer way down the mountain, because you wanted to see the cave temple, to find after all of that walking that it was a hole no bigger then a phone box! At which point you said this has been a “sick day” whilst the rest of us could have cried. 

I still think of that day and smile and this will be the way I always remember you! Because that story in itself just defines you completely.

Thank you for all the laughter and the memories! You will be always in our hearts. Much love 


Kevin Karia

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