Keith Howard, Headmaster of Queen Mary's Grammar School 1979-1995

Awfully sad news. Mr Howard (I never could address him as Keith, despite prompts) always had my back though I never knew this at the time. I’m so glad we spoke about this and i could thank him for that years later. Always respected him, was one of the first positive male figures in my life, again I never knew this at the time. The wonders of hindsight, knowledge and experience. That ‘phone call to my home back in the day “you haven’t done as well in your exams as we’d all have hoped, pop a suit on and be in my study tomorrow morning”.

He got my me first break, got me my first interview and to this day I continue along that path. Mr Howard didn’t have to do this, his pastoral care of and for me had expired. I have the highest fondness and utmost respect for Mr Howard and I owe him a great deal. I believe in fate and destiny and perhaps this was given to me by Mr Howard. His one act of kindness in calling me that day certainly altered the course of my life and for the better.

The world is a lesser place for the passing of Mr Howard. 

RIP Sir.

Kevin Cooper 1980 - 1987

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