Queen Elizabeth II

To Our Dearest King Charles III and the Royal family,

I wish to pass on my deepest condolences to you all, as well as to the people of the UK and the Commonwealth.

I write this from New Zealand and I have been moved deeply by the death of our beautiful Queen Elizabeth II.  I grew up in awe of the Queen and all she represented…all she achieved, as her duty required.  But, I always could see her ‘human’ face, not just her official face. My mother once referred to her (when I was a curious child asking about the Queen) as “the mother of our country”; our country being New Zealand. That description settled something within me from that moment; that the Queen must then be a kind and caring woman.  That kindness and caring became evident to me more and more, as I followed her life over the next 50+years until her sad passing this week.

My hope is that we can now all journey together towards a great and wonderous future under your reign. I wish you all the strength and love to endure through this sad time and I especially wish you, Your Majesty, all the very best in your new role as our King. 

Take care of yourselvers, and each other, while you grieve and mourn the loss of this amazing woman. 

RIP Queen Elizabeth II…you will be sadly missed forever. 

from Kaylene Russell

(A caring Kiwi) x

meez 2

Kaylene Russell (New Zealand)

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