Jord I can’t believe it’s been a year, I miss you so much and have so much to tell you. From meeting when we worked at the Leisure centre as teenagers our friendship went from strength to strength, you were always friendly, positive and kind. The social butterfly of our group I always admired your work hard, play hard attitude. I have so many great memories of you our days at the races, nights out, Chloe’s 18th in Newcastle and our trip to Ibiza one which I will never forget. I found the ‘Betty’ coat the other day and giggled at the thought of you when you saw me in it. You were always laughing and smiling, never one to be defeated by anyone else’s negativity. I remember asking you to be Joshua’s godmother, and the look on your face, I’m still not sure if it was fear or excitement but you happily accepted. You threw me a lovely surprise baby shower and I felt so lucky and spoilt. You where amazing with him and we loved our visits to see you, Purdy and Bella and our little walks to Fletcher’s. I was equally as honoured when you asked me to be bridesmaid, you looked stunning and it was lovely to be included in your special day.

You where honestly an amazing friend who always made time for those close to you. 

When I saw you last, you still had a smile on your face and you tried to stay so positive. Your resilience and bravery was amazing to see. You are loved, missed and remembered everyday. Love always, Drysy x



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