Colin W. Stewart

My deepest condolences for Colins friends and family.

I have worked with Colin for my whole career at Galbraith, and he has been an absolute pillar of knowledge, humour, and confidence in that time. I would always trun to Colin for the steady and clever answer to whatever issue I was facing. Colin was extremely generous with his time, and the number of graduates, and beyond, that he has coached over his career will be uncanny, a truly brilliant mentor. 

I will miss our car journeys, where despite the high tech sat nav, Colin would insist on opening a paper map accross the dashboard (peppered with pencil notes of each farm he has visited for work – which on the Angus map was most!). We would spend the time chatting about the farms we were passing, with the conversation always returing to how good this or that road would be to cycle, as we compared notes of cycling trips we had planned. 

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Colin, and find myself most days finishing whatever I am working on, and then checking to see if it would pass Colin’s eagle eyed checks. 

We in Perth are sorely missing his cheery smile, his mischevious look as he snuck into the biscut tin, and his classic ‘swing back’ on his office chair to clock whoever was coming up the stairs, almost always with an apple core in hand. 

My warmest regards to Kathleen, Cameron and Kirsten, and all the family.  


Kate Michie

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