Richard (Dick) John Gibbs


Where to begin? You were the best and will be missed so much. From childhood memories of summer trips in the lada to France, Germany and Southern Ireland to spending recent Christmasses playing Trivial Pursuit and watching The Proud Valley. You had a song and some wit for us for every occasion.

You loved our mum so much and tried so hard to keep our lives normal  whether it was learning how to make pizzas or spending the day making and freezing a months worth of sandwiches for packed lunches (you theorised that they would be defrosted by lunchtime, true enough but they tasted pretty gross).You did everything you could to be there for us.

We might not have gotten our love of the outdoors (you didn’t swim, hike or even ride bikes) from you but we have certainly inherited your love of pub quizzes, history and enjoyment of being around animals and children.  

You were a quiet man but as they say still waters run deep. You were overwhelmingly kind and funny and even when you began to forget things it was clear that your love for your family (and cricket) were going nowhere. You were the best Papa to your grandkids. Morgan was so lucky to have you. From the moment you cwtched him in hospital beaming with pride to to the time you made him fish fingers and custard (like in Dr Who) he was blessed by your presence in his life. 

Thank you for a lifetime of smiles. Forever in your debt. Love you Papa G. Nos da.x

‘I’d only jump the moon for her, I’d only jump the sea,For the hugs I get to give her and the kisses she gives to me.’ Katy by Tom Paxton

Kate Gibbs

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