Marjorie ( Alf ) McVey

My dearest Alfie, 

It had been years since we were in touch, however after hearing that you had been ill, I sent you a Christmas card in 2020 to the only address I had for you in your beloved Peckham.  I heard nothing however out of the blue at the end of January this year……you called.  You had only just received the card that day and you were so happy to hear from me and me from you. It was just like old times – we caught up on the past 20 years of our lives over a few hours. I am eternally grateful that we had this opportunity that night to laugh, love and remenisce the old times as well as the new.  

Alfie, you took me under your wing as a young physiotherapist at the Devi.  You were my TOTAL  inspiration – you passion was infectious and I wanted that too. To be like you, to do the magic with your hands like you could. I watched you, learned from you, looked up to you. You gave me confidence, guided me, nurtured me, supported me and most of all believed in me. You have made me the physiotherapist I am today without a doubt. We often went for drinks after work at various haunts along the Marylebone Road – your favourite was The Prince Regent but you would also venture to The Tup with persuation. When you said to me sometimes you couldn’t make it because you were seeing Mrs PP, I said ok but was always wondering who was Mrs PP? I did find out some time later and laughed at my own naivety and your humour.  

Alfie till we meet again. Shine bright up there and show them how it’s done.   

Kate Floyd

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