It has been incredibly difficult to find the right words to say, it’s impossible to put feelings down on paper or think of anything that can be said that will offer any comfort to those reading. What I hope is that the words from Emma’s club capture her vibrant spirit, the friendship we shared together, the admiration we had for her and let’s you all know how important she was to us all and that the mark she left on others was real.

I could never quite believe that I was Emma’s team mate. Emma was the most skilled and knowledgeable person on a netball court, a natural and true leader. Her sporting ability was immense and a joy to watch. She was utterly brilliant and she was pivotal in our success as a team – without her none of it would have been possible and I loved her for that.

Emma was equally amazing off court as she was on! She was incredibly caring and loving, she was always willing to help others and was generous with her kindness and time. She was also humble and funny, not to mention beautiful. She showed vulnerability and honestly unlike anyone else. We were lucky to get to spend so much time with her. I aspire to have half of her strength and determination and she will forever be an inspiration to me.

Whilst I am devastated that my time with Emma came to an end I will be ever thankful that I had the rare privilege to play in the same netball team as her for so many years, enjoy so many successes with her and to sit down in the pub with her and celebrate with a bottle of Prosecco!

Kate x



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