Fran. A lover of great coffee, jigsaws, pick n mix, a good giggle, novelty tissues, delicious beer, F1, ice cream, all things Christmas, shuffling a bowl/bag of crisps to find the most flavoursome and crispy ones, gin, giraffes, strutting your stuff to RaRaRasputin, perfumed hand san, a good cheese board, Top Gun, ladybird cheese on toast, funky dancing to the latest RnB hit, Obama Llama, Rennies…

The fact that you had such a big brain yet still enjoyed The Masked Singer and used noughties txt spk really makes me smile.

What I wouldn’t give to scale another stone wall to avoid a cow with you. Or to perform the MNC classic ‘FLANK FRAN’ when a dog’s in sight. Or to have a quality one-to-one chat. You always had such an amazing ability to provide level-headed yet warm, supportive advice. And also appear interested in even my most boring of stories?!

A fierce, loyal, fun, smart, generous, kind, determined and simply wonderful woman.

An incredible amount of character with such a huge heart, all squeezed into the most perfect little person.

Even after I accidentally walked us past Battersea Cats & Dogs Homes, thank you for being one of my ultimate BFFs. I am truly honoured to have had you as a friend since Year 7 Fisher. 

I miss you so much. Love you Lance, Kat x


Kat Woods

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