Craig Anton Johnson-Slack

My baby brother. I loved you from the day you were born 5th March 1980. I was 17 and fiercely protective of you, took you everywhere with me (even on dates)! We used to go shopping together to buy you “trendy” clothes and afterwards take you to my Nans for tea. Then came the terrible teenage years. I knew then you were struggling with something but it was years later when you finally declared to the world you were out and proud! You couldn’t believe that I knew and the look on Paul’s face that day had us in stitches.I watched you grow as a husband and a Dad …you adored your family and would do anything for your kids. You would ring me early Sunday morning to say you weren’t going to be home as you were already at the seaside or in the freezing cold watching Cory or Leigh playing football (or arguing with the ref or an opposing parent)!  I was also immensely proud of your work ethic and when you conducted my Nans funeral with the upmost dignity and respect I was blown away. I have been overwhelmed by the messages from people you worked with who have reinforced this …you made a difference to people’s lives.And now you are gone. My heart is broken. I will miss your beautiful smile, your wicked sense of humour, your stress head calls …..YOU my baby brother. I love you forever. Now rest in peace and know that you are always loved and in our hearts. Life is not forever ….love is ❤️❤️





Karen Johnson

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