Alistair McKinlay


Devastated that we’ve lost you too soon Alistair, you were in your prime and being the best husband and Daddy anyone could ask for, and for that to end is unfathomable.

I have so many wonderful memories of you, and when we first met back in St Andrews. You took me under your wing,  introducing me to everything wonderful about the town,  allowing me to come out of my shell and really enjoy university life.  I was the Vice to your President (of Chemsoc no less), and we got each other through our PhDs with lots of nights out, music quizzes,  holidays, celebrations, and most of all tremendous laughs.  Everyone got on with you Alistair, because you were so open and friendly it was hard not to! It was lovely meeting your parents numerous times, and you could tell immediately how proud they were of you,  and I pass on my sincere condolences to them and your brother and family. 

I’m so glad we continued to be close as we moved into our first “proper” jobs, and luckily both worked together at Jumpstart for 10 years. So many great work memories, interspersed with continuing to socialise outside work. We were both so happy for each other when we both settled down, and I was so happy when you made it official and proposed to Franziska!  The arrival of both of your girls made you such a proud Daddy, and we always enjoyed talking to each other about the kids and their antics.

I hope Franziska and the girls take some comfort in how loved you were by all who knew you,  you touched everybody’s lives.  You will live on in your girls, and Franziska will do the most amazing job of bringing them up to cherish all the wonderful memories.

Miss you hugely. 


Karen xx

Karen Baker

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