DD! I’m still lost and have been dreading this! But maybe telling you how I feel will make things easier which I doubt….I don’t know! Bro you joined Broadwalk football club and I remember how you just came into the team and adapted within moments! DD I remember a couple of games into the season and I was up front (I thought that was my best position) and I was screaming for the ball to be played over the top and you played the easy pass instead to our midfield. I was fuming! But you looked up at me and said F off Kaaayz! 10 mins later you did the same! But what I loved the most about this was you was having bants with me! 🤣 that’s exactly how I know you! Always having fun and winding PEEPS up! I realised how good your left foot was after you decided to pass to me finally over the top for me to score a few goals! DD when I went through some hard times in my life and you made sure  you msg me to make sure I was cool and I kept myself on the right road! You cared so much and asked about my little man Akiva! Everytime we went out for a few beers sorry sesssssssh you would never want me to spend a penny! You had that heart of gold that you wanted to look after your brothers! I remember the days at T&H when you was so busy but took time to help and talk to me, my dad and brother! You always looked after us and called my dad uncle from day 1! My dad would walk away and say what a great friend you have their son! Me and my bro would say he is dad! DD I will miss you forever, that grin and you shouting Kaaaaaaayz F off! Thanks for the memories and the msgs you sent me they will be with me until I see you on the otherside and we have another seeeeesh! See you soon bro! Love Kaaaaaayz! ❤️❤️

Kaaaaaayz (Kailesh)

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