Frances Armstrong


My Little Pocket Rocket, 

There are too many memories to write in such a small space, but our Tolkien Trail Walk is up there 🙂  You got stuck in the mud and Adam had to rescue you… and then we had to walk through a field of cows! (your favourite) 

You are the smartest and most caring person I’ve had the chance and privilege to call a friend. Thankyou for all the memories we’ve had over the last 12 years; Gym antics, Strictly spoilers, Coldplay, gin festivals, Manchester 10k, Backstreet Boys, sharing Covid with me, our love of Chigago Fire and PD and introducing me to a ‘Fat Rascal’. 

Adam will miss his F1 chats and your shared dislike of Max Verstappen, and our cheese and wine nights during our Covid Bubble days 

I will miss you more than I can put into words 

All our love; Julie & Adam x x x 


Julie & Adam Wood

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