Jan Docker

Dear Ms Docker,

Thank you for making me happy and stopping my problems. You mean a lot to me and i am so sorry i didn’t get to say bye to you but i am really happy you helped me and Jessie. I don’t know what to do without you but i am going to try and do what you said. I am so happy that you helped me and stopped my problems because I did what you said and it helped everything. Some things are hard but you helped it go away like when I had an argument with my friends or when i was upset you helped me get that away and i just felt happy because you helped all of that. You have helped me so so so so much and i am so gratetful for that. You are just always in my mind and in my dreams because you have helped me so much and that just makes me really happy. I am going to try and save my own problems like you said and follow other things you have said and hope it all works. Because you have helped me so much i am going to call you my favourite teacher of all times.

Lots of love from Jools.

Jools Spencer

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