Luke Robson-Smith

It really is strange how big of an impact a person you have never actually met can have on your life.

Despite there being almost a 15-year age gap between us, and the fact that we live in different countries Luke and I really connected. We had similiar interests, but also we had similiar issues. Whenever I was having a rough patch in life, or even just a bad day Luke was always willing to listen and give some advice. In a way he felt like a brother. I could talk with him about things I could never bring up to my family. Luke helped me to understand that it is okay to seek help. He would continuosly support me during my own journey while dealing with the demons of his own. He always showed interest in what I was doing, whether it was work, school or just personal things. I remeber how he kept pushing me to finish my thesis and I remeber how happy he was the day I told him I got my thesis approved and I was going to graduate. We were suppoused to meet on many occasions. However life happens and 2020 ruined any plans we had to meet up. We were chatting just couple of weeks before Lukes passing about what we were going to do once we meet. When I saw the news that Luke had passed I did not know how to react. This is the first time I have lost a friend and I was not prepared for this at all. I try to stay strong but some days its difficult.

Luke, I know you are at peace now. And I will come meet you once this pandemic is over.

Rest easy, dear Luke

Joni Paski

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