Theresa O'Donnell

My first memories of Theresa were when she approached me and said are you Jon? I said yes, how can I help you? She said ‘I’ve been told you might be able to give me some training on the system but I heard you were a bit grumpy!’ and so it began, straight to the point and didn’t mince her words!  2nd time Theresa was walking past past Kims (director) desk who I was with and she was effing and jeffing, Kim said ‘ooh, she’s got a potty mouth!’  I laughed and said ‘yes, but I think she has potential!’ Well it turns out for once I was right and Theresa went from strength to strength and little did I know that one day she would agree to work for me as a Team Manager and I can safely say it was the best appointment I ever made. Over the years we had plenty of laughs, sometimes at my expense and sometimes at hers.  The introduction of the ‘basically bell’ springs to mind, every time Theresa said basically I would ring the bell and boy did it get some use – she would often be on the phone to clients and this bell was going like the clappers in the background and everyone around would be in stitches. I also recall a Xmas lunch in St Pauls, where we had an extended lunch and Theresa were talking about her family and it struck me then about how proud she was of them and how much they meant to her. Well I’m sure that they couldn’t be more proud of her a warm, generous, kind, positive and fun loving person who bought so much happiness to people. I will miss her company, our little chats, her work ethic and her funny little walk.  God bless you Theresa and thank you for being you!



Jon Chivers

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