Louise Willcox

I still can’t believe that Louise is no longer with us.  I have known Louise for many years, mainly through our work on the committee of the Institute of Professional Sound.  She was always the person who “got things done”.  She was always willing to share her expertise and help those starting out.

She was a woman in a man’s world who got where she was because she was superb at her profession and someone who could absolutely be relied on.  We had a meeting on the set of Springwatch the other year and I was very impressed of the complexities of what had to be done to get a live programme on the air with everything running smoothly.

During the Queen’s funeral, I found myself suddenly realising how superb the sound was.  A funeral procession with marching bands, yet the sound was so natural that I suddenly found myself thinking of how very difficult it would be to get such a superb and natural sound without the viewer being aware of it – it was just “right”.  I commented on this to Louise later, only then realising that it was she who was responsible for the part that I was so impressed with (yes, she told me how she did it).

She was not just a superb Sound Supervisor, she was a wonderful person and friend.  Always caring and helpful, willing to share and help others when they needed it.

I know people often say she will be “sorely missed”, but in Louise’s case those are not just comforting words, she really will be very much missed and the world is a poorer place without her.  There is a Louise shaped hole in the universe that can never be filled by anything else.

Roger, my heart goes out to you, she was far too young to leave us now.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

John Willett 2018

John Willett

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