Philip Collier

The picture shows Phillip at Church having just handed in his Christmas shoebox to be sent to some poor child overseas.

I saw Phillip as a man of great wisdom. It was because of this that I went to him one day with a problem that worried me. I told him I had never left Carlisle all my life; that I had worked in the same office most of my working days; and that I only had 2 girl friends. I saw him as someone who had moved around the world and had changed his home many times: so I asked him if I had missed anything in life for being so static. He thought a bit, then said “Yes you have. You have missed what I have experienced, BUT I have missed what you have enjoyed.”

This set me back a bit, for I wondered what I had enjoyed. Then it came to me that because my daughter and son in law were living with me, together with their 4 children, I could leave my bedroom door open every day and see all my grandchildren go to school. I told this to Barbara, and she gave a grandmother’s sigh and said, ” Gosh, I have to go all the way to South Africa to get this experience.

This taught me that the grass is not greener in the next field, it only appears so. And that I have to thank God for all I have and not be concerned about what I don’t have. 



John Thomlinson

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