Nigel John Pickering

Nigel was Jack of all trades and master of most. From computer modeler, photographer, botonist and artist to summerhouse builder and carpenter and poultry farmer he would have a go and succeed. Oh and he wasn’t a half bad doctor either. Despite all this I never heard him once blow his own trumpet. Time spent with Nigel was always time well spent. You always, always came away feeling better. I used to love seeing that glint in his eye when you knew he was going to say something naughty. Never cruel but always funny. I was lucky enough to share the on-call rota with him and as a young GP learned so much and later in my career probably owe him my sanity. He truely was my “buddy”. We talked about many things but I never saw his eyes light up and his face and voice become so animated as when he spoke of his family. Never a negative word, only love and pride. He was a true servant and friend to the practice, the town and his patients a multi-talented yet humble man, but above all he was a family man never more happy than when at home surronded by them. Quite simply he made the world a better place. We shall miss him.


John Harrison

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