Bernie McConnell

One of my first encounters with Bernie was on a trip many years ago when I sneaked across the border into England having blagged my way on to a trip to the Farne Islands to tag some grey seal pups.  I have an abiding memory of this great lumbering form, muttering away to himself with a grey seal pup tucked under one arm struggling across the shore.  He was in his element.

Over the years on my visits to St Andrews I would call in on SMRU to catch up on this and that.  If there was one thing I could be certain of – if Bernie was in, the kettle would go on, the coffee would be brewed, as often as not Ailsa would be summoned and the jaffa cakes would appear.  There was no point visiting Bernie if you were in a rush, but then once in his company you lost track of time and always came away the wiser for it.

My greatest regret is that circumstances over the last couple of years have conspired to mean that I had no opportunity to visit SMRU and meet up. 

Bernie – you have left a huge hole in so many people’s lives, you will be sorely missed my friend.

John B

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